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Greg's Teamsphoto of journalist Greg Buch
Greg develops and updates FFSwami's website. He's played in various fantasy football leagues the last 15 years and is a life-long Cincinnati Bengals fan.
We're going to change things up a little and instead of discussing how we did with our picks, Matt and I are going to write about how our own personal fantasy teams fared this past week. Check out our Week 5 Week That Was blog if you'd like to see our first "report card" on our teams' performance.

photo of Bengalized fantasy football team logo

I've got four fantasy teams this year but decided to focus on my best and my worst team to provide a microcosm of the trials and tribulations I've gone through this year. If you read our Week 5 blog, you know my Bengalized team plays in a standard IDP league that has a crazy, inflated point system that often results in teams scoring as many as 300 or 400 points a game.

Week 6 featured a matchup between my undefeated Bengalized squad and a winless Jdw1246780 team. Despite his record, I didn't take my opponent lightly and didn't understand how a team featuring players like Arian Foster, Le'Veon Bell and Randall Cobb could manage to be just 0-5. I was soon to find out. Entering the week, I suffered the loss of one of my top RBs, as Rashad Jennings went down with a sprained MCL, so it was time to re-tool on the waiver wire. I put in a claim for RBs Branden Oliver and Justin Forsett and the other owners in my league must have been asleep at the wheel, as I was able to land both of them in spite of owning the league's lowest waiver priority by virtue of my record. As you know, you can't have an add without a drop, so I had to part company with Knile Davis, who had served me well but is now relegated to mop-up duty, and Jennings, who won't return until Week 9. Three weeks is a long time to hold onto a back who isn't playing, so it was worth it to drop Jennings in order to pick up a RB like Oliver, who may only start for the next 3-4 weeks.

As Thursday Night Football concluded, I was sweating bullets. My opponent had jumped to an early 65 point lead, thanks to a pair of nice performances from Arian Foster, who rushed for 109 yards and 2 TDs, and Andre Johnson, who nearly reached the 100-yard plateau and added a touchdown. But as I said, I was soon to find out why he was 0-6. Sunday morning rolled around and he still had empty slots for his starting QB, DST, and LB, with Andy Dalton, the Panthers, and Von Miller all sitting restlessly on his bench, just iching to get into the action. Dalton alone would have been enough to put him over the top, as his 323 passing yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and 25 rushing yards somehow equated to 144 points in this wild and wooly league. But with a deadbeat owner, Dalton could only watch my team roll to victory from his seat on the bench.

I got nice performances from my starting RBs, with both McCoy and Oliver putting up great performances and scoring almost 59 points collectively. McCoy finally got on track against the Giants, piling up 149 rushing yards, and Oliver took advantage of a clueless Raiders defense, with 124 total yards and a TD. It wasn't the earth-shattering performance he had two weeks ago but still it helped. My quarterback, Nick Foles, didn't have the game you'd imagine just looking at the 27-0 score, but ended up with 248 passing yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs, which somehow ended up bringing me over 86 points in this league's inflated scoring system. Foles has been somewhat of a disappointment this year but with Drew Brees on a bye week, I didn't have any better options. My receivers were a mixed bag this week. Jordy Nelson had another fine game with 107 yards and a TD (33.38 points with the bonus for a 100-yard game) but Victor Cruz and Anthony Gates had disappointing performances and to add insult to injury Cruz tore his patellar tendon is out for the year. Lastly, my DST and IDP players all took the week off. I expected my Chargers to put up a lot of points against the Raiders' mistake-prone rookie QB but that didn't happen and Derek Carr actually played a nice game and racked up 282 passing yards and 4 TDs against what had been a solid San Diego defense. Neither Paul Posluszny nor Morgan Burnett could get anything going this week, accounting for only a few tackles each, but as we all know it's hit or miss every week with IDP players. Final score: Bengalized 216.06 Jdw1246780 134.52.

When all's said and done, you take a victory any way you can get one, so I'll take this one, knowing it would have been a loss had my opponent not already given up on the season. Next week won't be so easy, as my opponent has an active roster stacked with star players like the Thomas "brothers", Calvin Johnson, and Matt Ryan.

The Fighting Aardvarks
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As you'll recall if you read the column last week, my Fighting Aardvarks play in an auction league that assigns more points for rushing TDs than passing scores but otherwise uses a pretty standard scoring system.

I got what basically amounted to gimme this week, as my opponent, Foxcon6, entered the game with a 1-4 record and a roster full of players who've been fantasy busts so far this year. Both his RBs, Doug Martin and Zac Stacy, have been underwhelming, and ditto his wide receivers, as Keenan Allen's been outshined by Malcom Floyd and Vincent Jackson's suffered from lousy quarterback play. However, he did have Aaron Rodgers and a Bengals defense that was great prior to their hiccup against the Patriots, so I resolved not to take my opponent too lightly.

Entering the week, I was worried about who I'd start in my Flex spot, as Torrey Smith had been missing in action for the Ravens and I had lost Rashad Jenning's services for a few weeks due to an MCL sprain, so I didn't feel that good about my prospects. So I put in a couple waiver claims and was able, by virtue of my team's lousy record, to add Branden Oliver, dropping Lorenzo Taliaferro, and pick up Mohammed Sanu, who I knew would be relied upon with A.J. Green and Marvin Jones absent due to injury. I was really fortunate to land Oliver, as this league is probably the most competitive of all four of my leagues. Since there are 20 teams in this league, the cupboard is always bare on the waiver wire. It's a rare occurrence when an injury makes a player like Oliver available, so I made sure to make him my number one waiver priority.

I made several poor line-up decisions this week. The list is so long, where do I start? I really liked the match-up of Eli Manning against the NFL's worst pass defense, so started him over Cam Newton. Newton was facing the Bengals, who would be entering the game with an 11 game winning streak at home and a long history of beating up on NFC teams. I started Jeremy Maclin and Victor Cruz and left Torrey Smith, who'd been a huge disappointment so far this year, on my bench but Maclin was a forgotten man with just 16 receiving yards and Cruz, who had such a great match-up, got injured in the course of the game and ended up with just, you guessed it, 16 receiving yards. Due to the lack of appealing waiver wire options, I decided to stick with Niles Paul, who I reasoned, might be used more than Jordan Reed, since the latter was returning from an injury. Paul rewarded my faith in him with a whopping 7 receiving yards, while Coby Fleener, who I decided not to trust, found the end zone and scored a respectable 7.1 points. Finally, I decided to roll with the Chargers defense again in what looked to be an attractive match-up with a mistake-prone Raiders offense (and we all know how that turned out).

Fortunately, my running backs and Flex saved my butt this week. Branden Oliver, my waiver wire pickup, piled up 124 total yards and a touchdown, which was good for 18.4 points, and Ben Tate had a nice game in a surprising rout of the Steelers, with 78 rushing yards and two scores, which provided 19.8 points. Sanu was the other star for my team. The Panthers simply didn't have a CB physical enough to match up with the big, athletic receiver and yielded 120 yards and a TD to him. My waiver wire moves ended up being the difference in this game, as without the 36+ points from Oliver and Sanu, this game might have had a very different outcome. Final score: Ferocious Aardvarks 82.44 Foxcon6 63.46. Next up is a date with the undefeated One Man Wolf Pack, who sport a line-up of stud players, so I'm going to have to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve to get this mangy aardvark to hunt.

Matt's Teamsphoto of journalist Matt Brandon
Matt is a journalism major at SUNY Purchase College with a concentration in sportswriting. He graduates next January and is hoping to start a career as a sports journalist.

Reigning Champ
photo of Reigning Champ fantasy football team logo

It was a tough week for me in fantasy/real football. As a New York Giants fan, it was very difficult to watch them get smacked up by the Eagles on Sunday Night. Eli had no time to throw the ball and the offensive line looked they were being assaulted by a military-unit. Then of course, our best playmaker, Victor Cruz drops an easy touchdown in the end zone, injures his knee, and is now out for the year. To make matters worse, I had a slight chance to come back in my head-to-head fantasy matchup with the first place team in my league but Andre Williams did absolutely nothing leaving me 19 points short of the victory.

At 4-1, my "Reigning Champ" squad had a crucial matchup with the 5-0 "Lupati in My Pants" and it was a heart breaking loss. On Thursday night, I had Andrew Luck playing and my opponent had Andre Johnson so I jumped out to a 29.6-20.9 lead. Prior to game time on Sunday, I tinkered with my lineup. I decided to go with Antonio Brown (23.6) and Julio Jones (10.9) as my dynamic duo at the wide receiver position. These two studs are matchup-proof and I would never sit them unless of course they were injured. However, Jones put up his worst numbers of the season catching just four passes for 68 yards while adding 1 rushing yard. At running back, I had Jamaal Charles (bye week) and Montee Ball (injury) on the bench so I had to choose between Bishop Sankey (7.8), Andre Williams (5.8), and Ronnie Hillman (19.6) and boy did I screw up! I went with Sankey due to the fact that Shonn Greene was not playing and the Titans had a juicy matchup with a struggling Jacksonville defense that is vulnerable against the run. I also chose Andre Williams because Jennings was sidelined and I figured the Giants would put up a lot of points on the Eagles who had allowed the most points in the league heading into Week 6. I wasn't sold on Hillman getting a lot of carries so I kept him on the bench. None of them scored a touchdown but Hillman scored the most points and gained over 100 total yards.

At the Flex position, I could have chose Hillman, Golden Tate (11.4), Brian Quick (2.0), or Eric Decker (17.4). I went with Tate because he is Stafford's primary target while Megatron continues to heal from his ankle injury. Tate was decent but again, I made the wrong choice. However, fortunately, Julius Thomas (21.1)-my only tight end- caught two of Peyton Manning's (my opponents QB) three touchdown passes to give me a huge advantage heading into the late Sunday games. I also benched the Texans defense (9.5) in order to play the Broncos (12 points) who took a pick to the house in the final seconds against the Jets.

All was going well as Manning didn't have a great game for my opponent, Sanders practically did nothing, and the Bills defense scored negative points. But then the second half of the late afternoon games came around and his running backs- Matt Forte and DeMarco Murray- dominated and erased a 50-point deficit. His running backs combined for 69.3 points compared to mine who scored a whopping 13.6.

When all was said and done, "Lupati in My Pants" tacked on their sixth straight victory to remain in first place while "Reigning Champ" fell to 4-2. After the matchup, “Mark’s Crazy Team”- tied with me for 2nd place- made a block buster trade to get Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, and Wes Welker for DeSean Jackson, Khiry Robinson, and Larry Fitzgerald. I realized that I was in danger of falling out of 2nd place so I decided to make a move of my own. After Cruz's season ended, I proposed his team owner a trade and he accepted, as he was desperate for a receiver. I sent him Montee Ball, Andre Williams, and Golden Tate for LeSean McCoy. I then added Andre Holmes and Jonathan Stewart from waivers. Next week, I take on “Mark’s Crazy Team” and the winner will take sole possession of 2nd place.

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
photo of Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe fantasy football team logo

This week, "Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe" scored a decent 117.02 points, the 6th highest in the league and I moved down one spot in the season standings from 5th to 6th. I made a lot of boneheaded choices as I could have had the highest point total of the week. Every week, I can't seem to figure out whom to start at quarterback. This week, I chose Nick Foles (14.42) over Kaepernick (29.42) because I expected the Giants-Eagles game to be a shoot-out. The Eagles did score 27 points but Foles was merely mediocre while Kaepernick had his best performance of the season against the Rams. At WR, I went with Antonio Brown (18.6) who I will probably start ever week and Alshon Jeffery (18.6) in a solid matchup against a poor Falcons defense. Both players delivered with over 100 yards. At running back, Shady McCoy (17.4) finally got back on track producing over 150 yards for the first time this season but he still didn't find his way into the end zone. My other back was Justin Forsett (11.1) who had a great game with 111 yards but I left Ben Tate (19.8) on my bench who outscored both of my starters. Yet another mistake.

I have two top-ten tight ends but with Gronkowski improving every week, I started him over Delanie Walker. At least this was a good decision as he outscored the Titan 16.4-8.7. However, I really messed up at the Flex position. I knew Andrew Luck was going to throw all over the Texans and I thought Reggie Wayne would be the beneficiary. Unfortunately, it was T.Y. Hilton. I made the decision to start Wayne (7.5) over Edelman (19.1) and Michael Floyd (14.7), which lost me valuable points. Luckily, Steven Hauschka had a solid day kicking but San Diego's defense blew it allowing 28 points to the miserable Raiders.

This was a terrible week of football for me. My fantasy teams didn't do well (though they would have had I plugged in the right lineup) and my Giants season could be over with the loss of Victor Cruz. Hopefully next week goes a little better. In fantasy football as in real football, anything can happen.